About Us

What we are about:

We at the Hold Collective are a family owned and operated climbing hold manufacturer, making quality climbing holds out of our workshop in Spokane, Washington. Whether you are a head routesetter or a passionate climber with a home wall, we at the Hold Collective want to empower you to succeed in your setting endeavors by offering thoughtful shapes at reasonable prices. 

Who we are: The Hold Collective is owned and operated by Ben and Joshua Jackman, two brothers from the great state of Washington!

Ben Jackman - Production Head/ Co-Owner

Ben is the creative powerhouse behind the Hold Collective, the head of its creative, and manufacturing departments. Ben started climbing in 1998, and is a trained animator who has taken his artistic skills and knowledge and applied them to crafting quality climbing holds. From design to manufacture, Ben can do it all.

Joshua Jackman - Head of Team Papercut/ Co-Owner

Joshua is the head of "Team Papercut". Team papercut is the accounting, sales, marketing and community outreach arm of the Hold Collective. Joshua started climbing in 1998 and has worked in the climbing industry since 1999.  Joshua loves climbing and is passionate about contributing to the growth of the sport. Joshua is also the head coach of the Spokane Climbing Association a youth climbing team in Spokane, Washington. 


We have had a lot of good people that have supported us with their time, knowledge, skills and positivity, to make the Hold Collective a reality. Thank you so much. 

George Hughbanks, John Fair, Bryan Franklin, Zakary Silver,Bill Bloom, Trent Carey, Reggie Oakes, Cierra Graham, Benji Wade, Vanessa Swenson and Stephanie Guerra.